A few facts about us...

Shawn LaVie

Born and raised in Souris, PEI, I have always had an interest in creating. Never could I have imagined that my creative side would coincide with my profession. With every assignment, wedding or photo shoot there’s a new adventure, new connections and new stories. That never gets old! I’m talkin’ like, ever. It’s what motivates and drives me in my work.

I’m inspired by PEI. I’m inspired by the talent of other photographers. I love to see the different perspectives that a photo can be captured. I've always loved that my last name translates to "the life", because my approach to photography in all aspects, is to allow my own life experiences to interpret the moment as it happens through my lens. To me, simply put, photography is - life in pictures.


Jennifer LaVie

My wife Jennifer also photographs with me. Woohoo, two for one! She's taught me so much about the wedding industry here on PEI, as she owned her own business as a wedding planner for 13 years! After selling her business and moving on from planning in 2017, she started picking up the camera and coming with me (apparently she just couldn't stay away from weddings)! It didn't take long for us to figure out that we made a great team!


We love that we can provide a "husband and wife" perspective to things. She's got an artistic eye, the ability to connect with people, and basically is good at all the things I'm not. Srsly. This really helps us to tell a more well rounded story when we are capturing an event because we see things so differently. :)

  • Jesus is above everything. He's our #1.
  • Jennifer & I were married in gorgeous Petritoli, Italy and now all we want to do is eat pasta every day. :)
  • We have an 20 year old daughter who is studying to be a nurse. This makes us feel very old.
  • I’m a hockey fanatic — a converted Pittsburgh Penguins fan to a Toronto Maple Leafs fan... um. Yep, I'm also insane.
  • We love to travel! I'm talkin', live-for-the-next-trip kind of love. Next on the list: Magdalen Islands, Toronto & Puerto Rico.

  • I’m currently studying to obtain my masters degree in theology. Random but totally amazing.

  • We love to volunteer and feel happiest when we are giving back.

  • Jennifer is leading a team to Puerto Rico on a mission trip in the winter of 2022!

  • We have 3 Siberian cats. Don't judge us if we are covered in cat hair when we meet.

A few facts about us: